Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fibrous Systems

I began to clean up and comment the sketches i have been working on while researching for my final thesis. This first sketch simulates fibrous system, but it can be used to approximate a lot of different behaviours and tasks, like path finding, stigmergy etc..
In the sketch you'll find the main rules i used for this video : https://vimeo.com/45254456 .
You can take a look at the code here : http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/126240 .
This should be the first of a (hope long) series.
Merry Christmas guys!!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Video of a old Arduino project i did a year ago with some friends in one day and one night at the Jam Session organized by the Physical Computing Lab in Milan during 12 and 13 of November 2011.It's a bomb made out of felt with an ID12 RFID reader inside and 3 LEDs that come out of the fuse. Each LED has a different color that matches each of the player's glove. The purpose of the game is to pass the bomb when a LED turns on and the device recognize if the receiver has the same color of the LED by reading a RFID tag embed inside every glove. If the bomb is not "defused" in time, it plays a theme from star wars. Nerds to the bone.

Chebbomba was made by:Stefano Airoldi,Paolo Alborghetti,Davide Caprioli,Alessandro Casmirri,Matteo Loglio,Giulia Pretti...

Lot of fun!!

Chebbomba! from matteo on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Flying Foliage is a project ,developed with a friend of mine (Marco Carrara), for INNATURE2 idea-competition. We had to propose a cutting-edge concept for a new model of natural center.The  project is about a natural center situated in California (US) in the sequoia park.In this park the users find the oldest living being on earth. Enormous trees and amazing landscapes. The aim of the project is build a relationship with existing trees and give the users a new way of looking at nature.The lightweight-building is mobile. With the help of inflatables baloons, it can slowly fly and reach the top of the trees. In this way users can observe this macro-ecology form a non-human scale and point of view.While doing this the building doesn’t damage the existing sequoias (not anchoring to them). This continuous movement do not produce noise (as machines or planes do) preserving the silent and the atmosphere that the user find in these places. Anchored to the ground with a cable, the building can get back to the terrain after floating in the air. This produce an interesting contradiction: on one side you find heavy and big trees that transfer their weight to the ground, on the other side the building that float in the air,cable-anchored in tension like pure lightness.
The concept has been developed in 3 days only out of work-time, working during lunchtime and after dinner till the force has been with us (as Yoda would probably say).Given the suuuper-short time, i have to say i'm quite happy of the result.
Unfortunately we only arrived between the 12 finalists.Sigh!|